Original Collage Paintings by
Sonia Katz 

Sonia Katz

Sonia Katz is a well known artist who creates unique, original collage paintings on paper. She has exhibited her painted collages for many years. Her work can be found in collections all over the United States. Trained as a sculptor, she creates these intricate collages out of painted Japanese paper. She paints colorful patterns using acrylic paints and then cuts the paper into shapes which she pastes on a sturdy backing creating paintings that express her views of nature and the world around her. Each piece is an original work of art. These paintings are available for sale.
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Sonia Katz New Paintings - 2010 - 2012

Yellow Vases

Tea Time


Relics of War

Fallen Statue


On The River

Trees in a Garden

 Coffee Time
Prairie Grass

 Dream of Disintegration

 Green Sailboats

Fruit Bowl
Fruit Bowl

Still Life with Lemons|

Red Sailboats

Angry Sea


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